Zola Jesus – Go(Blank Sea) [Diplo Remix]

Diplo dropped his remix of Zola Jesus’s “Go (Blank Sea)”. Twitter Handle: Baby Daddy AKA Diplo tweeted about it describing the song. I think it’s amazing, but don’t take my advice for it. Take his.


G-Unit – All About The Drug Money

Who’s irrelevant now, Floyd Mayweather? 50 Cent and his rap group, G-Unit, have dropped this new single “All About The Drug Money” and it’s certainly worth a listen. Enjoy the track and remember, get busy living or get busy dying.


Sound Remedy – We Are The Dream (Feat. Carousel)

The DBAD crew always loves to support artists from our hometown. The Chicago born producer, Sound Remedy, has just created some amazing new music that we would love to share with you. Sound Remedy has created yet another melodic track that picks up and slows down for any occasion. Regardless of where you will be enjoying this song, you will love it. It will cost you a little over a buck, but it’s worth it. If that doesn’t convince you, then Sound Remedy’s track record should. The amount of free music from the hard work that he has put out deserves some financial return. Buy this ish because you won’t regret it.


Logic ft. Childish Gambino – Driving Ms. Daisy (Produced by Logic)

Two very dope rappers are at it again to create some very dope music. Gambino and Logic just released a sick track which they collabbed on. Their lyricism is on point and I expected nothing less. I really hope this is a preview for more to come from both artists individually and collaboratively. Enjoy the track but good luck finding a download link. I tried for you guys, but for now, just enjoy the listen.


Porter Robinson – Worlds

If you enjoy EDM and haven’t heard Porter Robinson’s new album “Worlds”, then you’re doing something wrong. A talented young god of EDM has released yet another amazing package of songs to the public. No, it isn’t free, but I can tell you first hand that it is worth every penny. There are a few songs that I got a weird vibe from about half way through, but I believe it is part of the album. Porter tells us a story with this album. I have no idea what it means, but it means whatever you interpret it does. Enjoy the music whether you’re making up a backstory behind each song or just raging your face off at some frat party. Enjoy the new Porter folks. Buy this one.


Cloud Tourist – Sweetheart Manor

If you haven’t heard of cloud tourist yet, don’t worry. Once you hear him, you’ll remember because he has a sound you won’t forget. Cloud Tourist is an up and coming producer from my home town. Sure, I want to spread a little love to a producer from my hometown, but he deserves all the spotlight he can get. Not only is his music amazing, but also what is stands for is too. He started “Bass For Austism”, an album where producers can put their tracks on an album and get spotlight while simultaneously donating profits to charities for autism. Be sure to check him and Bass for Autism out. ┬áIf that isn’t enough, there’s a free download link in the soundcloud player. Enjoy friends.


The Hood Internet – DiviniXO (Beyonce x Porter Robinson)

What’s up friends? The Hood Internet released what seems to be one of the most dope mashups created. They fused the goddess of pop, Beyonce, with a god of EDM, Porter Robinson. If that isn’t enough to sell you on a download, the fact that the track is free, should. Enjoy this extremely dope combination and keep looking out for the Hood Internet. I know they have already made a pretty big name for themselves, but they fell off a little bit ago. They’re back on the rise so enjoy this and hopefully many more to come.


Haywyre – Smooth Criminal

If you don’t know who Haywyre is yet, I am positive this track will grasp your attention. Haywyre produces funk or electro-funk music and rocks at it. With this track, “Smooth Criminal”, he livens up to track to have a funky vibe anyone can love. He is big, but he is going to get even bigger in the future. Make sure to look out for him. He has a video for the song that captures a pretty dope production of the song, see more to check it out. Continue reading


Summertime (feat. Brandon Skeie) – Milkman

The talented Electro-House producer, Milkman, just released a new song you can call your summer anthem for the next couple months. If you’re looking for a song to play by the lake, at a bonfire, or driving with the windows down, this is your song. Milkman has been a little out of the game but with “Summertime” and his EP that is coming out, “Reboot”, he definitely does not want to be forgotten. This song will make people remember him. Enjoy the new song to define your summer. It’s free, but support this guy because he deserves it.